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3 Words [1]

Short description

Tell stimulus word stories from given words


Social behaviourImprovisation

Group size



10 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • spontaneity

  • creativity

  • the vocabulary

The children learn to react spontaneously and with imagination to impulse words and to tell little stories around them.


  1. In several groups of a maximum of 5 people, the children are to invent a story from three given words - similar to the principle of a stimulus word story.

  2. All groups work on their stories in parallel and on the basis of the same stimulus words.

  3. After about 10 minutes, the individual groups tell (or play!) their stories to each other. The words do not have to have a decisive meaning in the story, they just have to be integrated somewhere.

The imagination knows no limits! Concrete terms in nominal form (rain, hat, street,...) are recommended as a start, followed later by abstract terms (friendship, happiness, fear,...). Of course, words that have a double meaning are particularly funny (bench, feather, blanket,...). Initial support in the form of questions is particularly useful for younger children, eg think about who or what you want to portray in the story?

Background information for further reading

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