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Steamer in the fog [2]

Short description

Confidence exercise to be "led" blindly and give/implement verbal instructions


Social behaviourGroup dynamics/team building

Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • the conversion of signals into movement

  • precision in spatial orientation

  • coordination

The children learn to trust each other, they learn to concentrate precisely on individual signals that all mean a different command; they have to coordinate with their teammates, otherwise the exercise will not work.


  • The group is divided into several sub-groups (5-6 people each).

  • Each player puts both hands on the shoulders of the player in front of them. In each group, the player at the back is always the "captain" of the ship.

  • Because fog is coming in, everyone - with the exception of the captain - closes their eyes.

  • With the help of an ingenious contact control system, the captain now navigates the ship safely through the sea from the stern: tapping on both shoulders with both hands means "Full speed ahead!", tapping only on the right shoulder means: "Starboard!" (i.e. right turn), and accordingly only tapping on the left shoulder means: "Port!" (i.e. left turn). Tapping both hands on the shoulders twice in succession indicates: "All engines - stop!".

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness


Processes of perception

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