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Memory [3]

Short description

Memory exercises combined with movement tasks to promote working memory


Motor skillsConcentration & Working Memory

Group size



Coloured balls, number sequences, different names or objects, to remember


3-5 minutes per child



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • the ability to concentrate

  • of attention

  • the working memory

Combining a motor task with a memory task activates the brain and requires a lot of attention and concentration.


This exercise combines physical exercises with memory skills.

The memory task is always presented first and then covered again, for example with a piece of cloth, or a piece of paper is turned over.

Then a physical exercise is performed. After completing the exercise, the memory task is queried from memory again.

Physical exercises can be:

  • Fast running through a course

  • Balance

  • Jump

  • throw and catch

  • Juggle

  • or similar

As a memory task, remembering things like:

  • various objects (up to 5)

  • different names of children (up to 7)

  • Color rows (up to 5)

  • Rows of numbers (up to 7)

Example: “ Remember exactly the order of the 5 colored balls here on the table. You have 10 seconds to do this. Then the balls are hidden. After you have performed the other exercise, you should recite the row fly from memory.

A memory task can be combined with any more physical exercise. The more complex and strenuous the physical exercise, the more difficult it becomes to remember the first task.

Background information for further reading

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