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Color throwing [2]

Short description

Colour-coded throwing and catching exercises for several children


Motor skillsConcentration & Working Memory

Group size



Coloured balls, juggling balls


15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • of hand-eye coordination

  • the ability to concentrate

  • the working memory

Throwing and catching balls in combination with a quick decision task requires a lot of concentration and attention, and also promotes working memory.


In this exercise, 2 children stand opposite each other at a distance of about 1.5 m and throw different colored balls to each other. At first only one child throws and the other child catches,

  1. One child has 2 colored balls and throws a ball to the other child. One of the colors should then be caught with the left hand and the other color with the right hand. Then the ball will return. After every 5 runs they swap.

  2. Next, one child has 3 colors in his hand and throws a color. However, one of the colors should not be caught but ignored.

  3. As an increase, a child has 3 colors in his hand again, one color should now be caught on the left, the other color caught on the right, and the third color should be ignored.


  1. The children stand with their backs to each other, then when called, turn around and throw.

  2. Both children throw one of two balls at the same time and have to react.

The combination of a motor task with a cognitive task trains the ability to concentrate and working memory. As in this case, this can be a reaction task or a decision-making task based on a color, but also, for example, a simultaneous arithmetic task.

Background information for further reading

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