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Prison break [3]

Short description

Group must "escape" together - and under with certain guidelines


Social behaviourGroup dynamics/team building

Group size



3 ropes (2-3 m each)


30 minutes



The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • joint problem solving

  • team spirit

  • concentration

The children learn to work together to solve a task, they learn to find a clever way that saves everyone in consideration of the "weakest". They have to coordinate with the group, otherwise the exercise will not work and the prison break will fail.


  1. Ropes are tied between three trees at different heights.

  2. On one side it is very easy to climb over (at knee height or slightly higher), on the other side the rope is at about waist height and on the last side at chest height.

  3. All the children have to go to prison (the triangle inside the ropes). They want to free themselves, of course.

  4. However, on the side where the rope is stretched low, only one third of the children can get out, just as on the other two sides one third each can "escape". The ropes must not be touched. If this happens, everyone has to go back to prison.

  5. The class has only won as a team when everyone has managed to break out of the prison. This is only possible if the children help each other, make robber ladders, catch each other and secure themselves.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness



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