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Tangled guts [3]

Short description

Disentangle arms and legs together


Social behaviourGroup dynamics/team building

Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • self-awareness

  • the ability to analyse a problem

  • ability to think in perspective

Children learn to overcome the fear of contact, they learn to organise themselves collectively so that the knot can be untied, they have to coordinate with the group, otherwise the exercise does not work.


  1. All participants stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle and close their eyes.

  2. The facilitator now tells everyone to reach out their right hand and randomly grab the first hand of a person in front of them. 

  3. The same is repeated with the left hand. This creates an "arm knot" that needs to be untangled. 

  4. The aim is for all the children to sit back down in the circle once they have untangled it (they are not allowed to let go of their hands, as they originally did, holding hands).

  5. This is usually successful. Sometimes it can happen that, at the end, not everyone looks into the circle but outwards, but this is also considered successful.

If the group is too large, participants can be divided into several circles.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness


Processes of perception

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