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Click Clack [1]

Short description

Simultaneous movement of different body parts combined with speechimple crossover movements to activate the brain


Motor skillsConcentration & Working Memory

Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • concentration ability

  • attention

  • Coordination

Moving your legs and arms at the same time is a great challenge for planning movements and also promotes working memory. If the exercise succeeds flawlessly and fluently, a great sense of accomplishment sets in.


The exercise is taught in two parts: First, it's about what the legs do. The arms and hands are added only after this has been established. 

  1. Children stand upright with their legs parallel. With each unit of movement, alternately say "click" one time and "clack" the next time . First the heels are moved apart at an angle and "click" is said, then the toes (so that the feet are parallel again at a distance) and "click" is said. This sequence (heels apart - "click" , toes moving in - "click" ) is repeated once. Now the feet are parallel again at an even greater distance. Now everything starts in reverse, starting with the toes coming together at an angle ("click" ), then the heels move up ("click")) and put your feet parallel. With the second repetition of this movement, the feet return to their original starting position. 

  2. Now complete this sequence by raising the arms: with the first "click" the right arm is raised, with a "click" the arm is lowered again. The same is repeated with the left arm. Arm up ("click" ), arm down ("click" ). 

  3. Now add another hand movement: when raising the arm, rotate the hand slightly (as if picking an apple), when lowering the arm, rotate the hand slightly back to the original position (as if picking the apple). throw a picked apple into a basket).

The combination of all the movements summarised looks like this

  1. "Click" - heels apart, arm straight up

Clack' - toes apart, right arm down

Click' - heels apart, left arm up

Clack - toes apart, left arm down

  1. "Click" - toes together, right arm up

Clack" - heels together, right arm down

Click" - toes together, left arm up

Clack" - heels together, left arm down


Any other movements can also be combined with "click"/"clack". The more complicated these additional movements are, the more concentration is required and the more difficult motor planning becomes for the brain.

This exercise requires a lot of concentration and stamina. If the children have difficulty with this exercise, it can be done more slowly at first, and then the speed can be gradually increased.

Background information for further reading

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