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Circle throwing [2]

Short description

Throwing exercises in a circle to improve orientation


Motor skillsSpatial orientation

Group size





3 minutes per thrower



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • spatial orientation

  • the power of imagination

  • attention and concentration

    This task promotes the basic perception/reaction pattern in motor skills.


5 children line up in a semicircle about 3 m away. The thrower stands with his back to them. When called, he turns around and throws a ball as fast as possible to the target.

"Stand with your back to the others. At the call of one of the children, turn around and throw the ball to that child as quickly as possible".


  1. "Close your eyes before shouting".

  2. The children stand at different distances from the thrower.

  3. Do not throw the ball but roll it to the target.

  4. The thrower looks at the position of the children beforehand. Then the teacher calls out a name and the thrower has to quickly turn around and throw to that child.

A lot of concentration is needed to identify the position based on a shout or the memory function when a name is called.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness

Processes of perception


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