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Barker [3]

Short description

Free speech with fun effect


Social behaviourCommunication

Group size



10 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • free speech

  • convincing argumentation

  • self-confident appearance

The aim of this exercise is to reduce the children's inhibitions about speaking in front of a large group. They learn to think of convincing arguments and formulate them. This is a playful way to train confidence for a self-assured appearance.


  1. One child (market crier) stands on an armchair or table.

  2. The others (passers-by) stand at a distance around him.

  3. The market crier's task is to convince the passers-by to stop and listen.

  4. The market crier should feel as if he is standing in a large square in front of many people. So he has to speak particularly clearly, accentuated and loudly.

The product can be chosen freely. It doesn't matter whether a vacuum cleaner or a cleaning agent is advertised. It should just be something that's easy to promote. For practiced children, a kind of standpoint speech (“How many mobile phones do you use per day?” or “Dogs don’t belong in the city!” etc.) could be an occasion, or a crazy prank law (“All children should ride a horse to school” or "Everyone has to wear a diving suit when it rains"), which requires creativity in terms of content.

Background information for further reading


Speech functions

Cognition and consciousness


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