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Moor hike [3]

Short description

Group must overcome a distance together under strict conditions


Social behaviourGroup dynamics/team building

Group size



Square seat pads (40x40 cm) or foot wipers


30 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • joint problem solving

  • coordination

  • concentration

The children learn to work together to solve a task, they learn to reach a goal as quickly as possible, taking into account the slower ones! They have to coordinate as a group, otherwise everyone loses.


  1. The playing area should be a gym or a meadow.

  2. All the children line up behind a marked starting line and divide into teams of 5-6 people. These now represent clans that meet annually on Walpurgis Night and have to cross the poisonous moor to do so. The saving finish line is about 15 to 20 m away. 

  3. The poisonous moor can only be crossed with the help of the "magic tiles" (which can be small square seat pads or foot scrapers!) that everyone receives before the game begins. The children must always have physical contact with these (either with their hands or feet), because as soon as a magic tile is lying around freely, it is taken away by the game leader.

  4. But not only that! The magic tiles lose their power after a certain time (approx. 3-5 minutes) and must be recharged in order not to perish (be taken out of the game).

  5. The magic tiles are recharged on the "island" (a tarpaulin), which lies centrally between the start and finish line. To do this, the children have to touch the tarp with their foot or hand.

  6. The special thing about this island is that it sinks within 60 seconds of the first child touching it. So there is an extremely narrow time window to get on the island and also to get off it again!

The exercise will not succeed if a team gets to the island very quickly, but the other teams are still at the starting line or have lost many magic tiles. Because the task is only properly solved when all children have crossed the poisonous moor!

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness



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