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Trust [1]

Short description

Let yourself fall and be caught


Social behaviourGroup dynamics/team building

Group size



10 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • the responsiveness of individual children to auditory cues

  • the group's ability to react to the falling movement of individual children

  • Neurosensory perception

  • Body tension

In this trust exercise, the children learn to let themselves fall slowly. In doing so, they train their attention and responsiveness to coordinate as a group.


  • The pupils think of a number between one and ten, but keep it to themselves.

  • Now music starts to play and everyone moves around the room.

  • The teacher stops the music and calls out a number.

  • Those who have thought of exactly that number slowly drop (rather slump). The other students have to react very quickly to catch those who fall down.

  • The music starts again, everyone thinks of a new number, moves until the music stops again and a number is called out, and so on.

The aim is to bring momentum into the group and to achieve quick reaction and helping intervention.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness



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