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Rhythmic circle [1]

Short description

Rhythmic stomping with changing beat


Motor skillsConcentration & Working Memory

Group size



10 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • ability to concentrate

  • sense of rhythm

Rhythmic foot tapping and simultaneous counting requires a lot of concentration. You have to find and harmonize a common, constant rhythm, you also have to adapt to the group.


Children should tap their feet in a certain rhythm. The leader of the game must make sure that the children do not rush and start running: the task is to maintain the rhythm and pace.

  • The children stand behind each other in a circle and look in one direction. Start on the right foot and take four steps in a circle, the first step being tapped hard. Count out loud, and "1" is particularly emphasised, i.e. "1" (loudly), "2", "3", "4". This should be practised until the children feel the rhythm and all go at the same pace.

  • Now we change: emphasise "2", i.e.: "1", "2" (out loud), "3", "4".

  • Then "3" and finally "4".

Once the children have mastered the different intonations, each bar can be stressed differently: 1 in the first bar, 2 in the second, 3 in the third and 4 in the fourth bar. Note: In the fifth bar it's "1" again - and that comes immediately after "4"!


As an additional challenge, you can dispense with counting out loud and everyone must still go in unison. Also, the direction of the circle can be changed at will.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness


Learning Fundamentals

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