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Sandstorm [3]

Short description

Outdoor team building with orientation in open terrain


Social behaviour(Self)Perception

Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • orientation in space, i.e. open terrain

  • the senses - apart from the visual sense

  • the concentration

The children learn to react to the smallest changes in the environment and thereby train their attention. To reach the "oasis" as a group, a common strategy must be found. Only then can the goal be reached "blindly".


  1. The group is led from a place known to all in a short walk to another place (between 100 and 500 metres away, depending on the terrain and age).

  2. Only there will the game leader announce the task.

  3. "Your group has moved away from the oasis on a desert expedition when suddenly a sandstorm breaks loose. Without being able to see anything (blindfolded) you have to return to the oasis (= starting point). The task is solved when you have reached the oasis as a group.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness


Self-perception and reflection

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