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Shadow boxing [1]

Short description

Boxing against an invisible opponent


Motor skillsDexterity

Group size



10-15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is to improve

  • coordination

  • Self-awareness

  • Imagination

The better the imagination, the more refined the fight can be. The imaginary fight against each other requires a lot of anticipation in order not to actually get hit.


Each pupil fights an invisible opponent and simulates a real boxing match. In doing so, they take on two roles: they fight themselves and they also have to react to the invisible opponent.

At first, each child fights alone. As time goes by, the fight will become more and more refined.

  1. Boxing with fists only

  2. Simultaneous movements of the whole body, for example prancing and spinning

  3. Reacting to imaginary attacks of an opponent, such as dodging or being hit

Then try the same exercise in pairs - without touching each other. Start carefully and let the distance increase at first. The better the exercise succeeds and the better the two opponents interact with each other, the more realistic they can make the fight. However, the primary goal remains that no child is actually hit. Therefore, a sufficiently large distance should be maintained between the children.

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Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness

Processes of perception


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