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Stretching [1]

Short description

Getting to know your own body through stretching exercises


Motor skillsBalance & Coordination

Group size



5 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • self-awareness

  • relaxation

  • Concentration

Movement exercises promote awareness of one's own body. Tensions are released, breathing is "released" and concentration is increased.


  1. Children stretch one hand up as far as possible while shifting their weight to the same side: if you stretch the left hand up, the left leg also becomes the support leg and the right leg is stretched to the tips of the toes. So the stretch goes diagonally across the body! This exercise is performed on both sides.

  2. Then both hands are stretched overhead to alternately grasp the imaginary apples with the left and right hand (duration approx. 60 seconds).

  3. To relax, the children bend their knees slightly and let their head and upper body fall forward and "sway" (important: relax the neck!), before returning to an upright position vertebrae by vertebrae - until finally the head also "rolls". ".

At the beginning of a lesson, such movement games can be used to release tension and increase concentration.

All movement exercises promote awareness of your own body. Afterwards, they help to be able to use one's own body in a purposeful way - and not only during theatre performances. At the same time, one learns about the dimensions of space through movement.

Background information for further reading

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