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Compartment [2]

Short description

Conversation in which given sentences are to be included


Social behaviourImprovisation

Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • spontaneity

  • creativity

  • Interpretation

Children learn to orient themselves spontaneously in a situation, to speak freely. They learn to approach 'their sentence' skilfully, despite all the unpredictable directions the conversation might take, in order to be able to incorporate it unobserved.


  1. Two children sit opposite each other in a fictional train compartment and start a casual conversation. The aim is for both people to accurately insert into this conversation a sentence that has been secretly communicated by the coordinator/teacher so that the other person does not hear it. 

  2. For those who have thought up these two sentences, it is great fun to watch how the two passengers on the train conduct the conversation so that their sentence can be uttered discreetly.  

  3. The game ends when one player has "unmasked" the other's sentence or - if this does not happen - the game can be stopped after about 5 minutes. The audience has to guess the phrases inserted into the conversation.

The more absurd the sentences, the crazier - of course, the more difficult it is for the players to shape the conversation in their own way without being immediately discovered. 

Background information for further reading


Speech functions

Cognition and consciousness


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