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The TV [2]

Short description

3 pupils take it in turns to take on certain roles when given a signal.


Social behaviourImprovisation

Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • concentration

  • creativity

  • Interpretation

Children learn to orient themselves spontaneously in a situation, to speak freely. They learn to stay in the role and continue playing it quietly, without being distracted when another child slips into a new role next to them. The focus on 'own story' is heightened, despite much 'background noise'


  1. Three children take on three different roles, which they play "in front of a live TV camera".

  2. They are at a certain distance from each other. The "television audience", i.e. the rest of the group, sits in front of them. At the back of the group is the leader of the game, who has the "remote control" in hand and decides what programme (e.g. local news, cooking show, sports channel) is shown on the "screen" and for how long. 

  3. To do this, he points his finger at one of the three children, who is immediately "live". 

  4. If a change is made, the child on air is silent, but continues his pantomime performance (in other words, he is "silent"!), while the child who has been pointed at continues his programme as transparently as possible.

  5. The following roles have proved successful: 1) farmer building a new pigsty 2) a quirky TV cook presenting a new recipe and 3) sports presenter commenting very excitedly on an exciting football match.

This exercise is great fun! However, it requires a high level of concentration, not only to "stay in character" (while the audience is having a great time), but also for the quick changes between mime (silent) and drama (eloquent). It trains reaction speed and flexibility!

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness



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