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Scene "Romeo und Tybalt"


5 minutes

Preparation time

3+ lesson units

Number of roles



from 10 years

Language level


Scene type

Battle scene


  • Carefully practise with play swords and rehearse simple fencing steps or

  • rehearse and perform the fight purely in pantomime


This fight scene between Romeo and Tybalt is one of the key scenes of Romeo and Juliet, as here again a misunderstanding and unchecked emotions determine the fate that follows. Meructio is killed, whereupon Romeo kills Juliet's cousin Tybalt in revenge.

This scene is brimming with male adrenaline and is ideal for boys who can let off steam in a certain orderly way.

Information about the play - Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)
Background knowledge about the author - William Shakespeare


Number of acts: 5
Position: Act 3, Scene 1. In total, Act 3 consists of 5 scenes.

The quarrel between the hostile gangs of the city of Verona comes to a head. As soon as the parties meet, there are insults and quarrels, as well as physical altercations. Romeo and Juliet have just been married by Friar Lorenzo. He hopes that this will lead to a reconciliation. But the situation escalates in the 5th scene of Act 3. A fight ensues between Romeo and Tybalt, a Capulet and Juliet's cousin, in the course of which Tybalt is killed by Romeo.


Romeo Montague: Son of a noble family from Verona, male protagonist of the play. Romeo is unhappily in love with Rosaline at the beginning of the plot - until he meets Juliet. Romeo is a contradictory character; he is passionate and romantic, looking for the good. When he falls madly in love with Juliet, he suddenly gains the courage to break out of his environment and peacefully confront the hostile Montague family, although - the tragic mistake that leads to his downfall - he falls back into the old enmity at an all-important moment and murders Tybalt Montague.

Tybalt: Juliet's cousin, always involved in arguments between the families, choleric and quarrelsome.

Mercutio: Romeo's friend, a nobleman, on the side of the Montague family, quick-witted and witty.

Benvolio: Romeo's other companion in the play, more serious and good-natured than Mercutio, less easily provoked.


Romeo has just secretly married Juliet.

At the same time, a fight breaks out in the streets of Verona between the opposing families, in the course of which Juliet's cousin Tybalt fatally wounds Romeo's cousin Mercutio. In revenge, Romeo kills Tybalt, and must then go into hiding.

The scene starts out quite tranquil and quickly escalates, so that fate must inevitably take its course: Romeo must flee and Juliet wants to follow him.

Act 3/ Scene 1 

A public square

Mercutio and Benvolio.


I pray thee, friend, let us go home. The day is hot, and the Capulets roam about like biting dogs. If we meet them, there'll be a fight; the blood rages in this heat.


You know what, Benvolio? You're one of those who goes into a bar, slams his sword on the bar, and exclaims, "God grant I don't need you!" And then when he orders the third glass, he strikes the sword at the waiter, who doesn't know what's happening to him.


Is that so? Am I one of those?


Come on, when you feel like it, you're as aggressive as anyone else in Italy. The smallest thing sends you into a rage.


And what next?


Well, if there were two like you, we'd soon have no one at all; you'd kill each other.


That's the right one talking! If I got into a rage as easily as you, no one would want to buy an annuity on my head for just an hour and a half.


On your head? O you drip!

They embrace each other laughing.

Tybalt and others are coming.


Here come the Capulets. Promise me thou wilt not be angry, Mercutio.


Upon my annuity, I promise.

TYBALT (to his men)
Cover me, I want to talk to them. -
Good day, gentlemen! A word with one of you!

Only a word with one of us? Admit something else, let it be a word and a blow!

You'll find me ready for that, if you give me cause.

Could you not take it without our giving it?

Mercutio, thou harmonest with Romeo.

Harmonize? What? Dost thou make us musicians? If thou wilt make us musicians, thou shalt hear nothing but dissonances. (Draws his weapon.) Here is my fiddlestick, wait, it shall teach you to dance!

We are talking in public;
Either you find some quiet place,
If not, with cool blood discuss your quarrel.
Else go! Here every eye gapes at us.

The people have eyes to gape at; let them!

Romeo appears.

Sir, depart in peace! Here comes the companion I seek.

I will be hanged, lord, if you are his master.

Romeo, you dog, you coward, will you face me at last?

Tybalt, thou knowest not who I am. There is a reason now why I must love thee, and therefore I restrain my wrath. So farewell.
(Turns away.)

No, my boy, this does not excuse the scorn,
that you have done to me. So turn and draw!

I swear to thee, Tybalt, I never did scorn thee.
Therefore, good Capulet, a name that I have... my own, be content.

O tame, reproachful, hateful humility!  (Raises weapon.)
Tybalt, you rat-catcher, come and fight!

What do you want from me?

My good king of cats, I want nothing but one of your nine lives. And if that's not enough for you, I'll stab the other eight out of you as well.

I am at your service. (He draws.)

Dear Mercutio, put up your sword!

Come on, sir! Let me see your art!

Mercutio and Tybalt fence.

Draw, Benvolio! Strike between their rapiers!

Benvolio does not react.


Tybalt! Mercutio! Hold your ground! The prince expressly forbade such riot
In Verona's streets. Hold, Tybalt! Friend Mercutio!

Romeo intervenes, tries to separate the two, Mercutio is distracted by this, Tybalt takes advantage of this to severely wound Mercutio under Romeo's arm. He staggers, falls to one knee.

Tybalt leaves with his followers..


He got me. The executioner will get both your houses! -
Where is Tybalt? Did he get nothing?

Art thou wounded, eh?

Yes, yes, scratched, only scratched!  

Be of good cheer, friend! The wound can't be that bad.

Nay, not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door; but it will do. - Ask for me tomorrow, Romeo, and thou shalt find a quiet man in me. Must I be stabbed, by such a braggart that fences by the textbook. - Romeo! Why the devil camest thou between us? Under thine arm I was wounded.

I would have parted you.

You made worm's food of me. (Falls down.)

BENVOLIO (examining him).
He is dead, Romeo, Mercutio is dead!

For my sake. For my sake!


Why? Why did you intervene?


Tybalt has been my in-law for an hour.




O sweet Juliet, thy beauty hath
made me womanish; she has softened the steel
Of valour in my breast softened!

Tybalt returns.


Hey, Romeo! I was in a bit of a hurry. And forgot that what I really want is to promote you to hell.

Then come! The spirit of Mercutio is with me!

They fence; Tybalt is mortally struck and falls.

Flee, Romeo!  Stand not there, petrified!
The Prince dooms thee to death if they seize thee. Go, go at last!

Woe is me, fool of fortune!

Romeo off.

Text work

  1. Tell the story, especially up to this scene.

  2. Divide the scene: A. Benvolio / Mercutio, B. Tybalt joins, C. Romeo joins, D) Tybalt leaves, E. Mercutio dies, F. Tybalt comes back, G. Benvolio + Romeo

  3. What does each character want in each scene? 3a) What is each character like?

  4. Speak each sub-scene in its own words.

  5. Emphasis, pauses, change of mood, comedy.

  6. Voice work: Clear, varied. A question is a question and is spoken as such, at the full stop - i.e. at the end of the sentence, the voice goes down, at the comma it goes up (so that we know that the sentence still continues).

  7. Let us interpret "To gape the people have eyes; let them!". What does that mean? Do you know moments when this is true today?


  • Romeo and Juliet: How are the parents after their death? Possible improvisation: The parents meet and talk about what happened.

  • Juliet meets Tybalt before the scene and asks him to be nicer to Romeo. She is afraid for her lover and tries to gain Tybalt's understanding.

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