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Breathing exercise ball [2]

Short description

Press ball under "water" - then open palms while inhaling



Group size



3 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • the conscious perception of breathing

  • the interaction of the musculature

  • posture

The children learn to breathe consciously in order to have energy for speaking and to be less tense in speaking situations. The exercise is also a stillness exercise.


The children stand relaxed in their places or in a circle.


Imagine the following picture: You are standing waist-high in the sea with a beach ball. Your hands press on the beach ball from above (at the level of your belly button) (IMPORTANT - at least two handbreadths in front of your belly). Now press the beach ball under the surface of the water and then let it rise again each time. The most important thing is that you count out loud - otherwise the exercise won't work!

The ball exercise can be combined and extended with the following exercise:

  1. First, the ball is pressed under water as described above - then the palms are opened while breathing in.

  2. The children breathe in. While doing this, they place both palms inwards - fingertips closed on the ribcage (so that the middle fingers touch) and with the inhale slowly and very consciously open the fingers of both hands.

Background information for further reading


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