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Objective of the exercises

In the category "Breathing", the aim of the exercises is that students should

become familiar with breathing techniques that help them relax in stressful situations

learn to control their breathing rhythm and practice conscious breathing

Helpful if your students

  • are motorically restless, fidgety, inattentive

  • breathe too shallowly, appear tired quickly

  • speak softly, have little energy when speaking

  • speak excitedly, breathe too often

  • are tense and tense when speaking

  • breathe in the wrong places when reading and therefore do not understand the meaning

As a result, your students can

  • stand upright and breathe deeply and loosely

  • improve the power and sound quality of their voice

  • achieve the right pitch and tempo of speech

  • use pauses more effectively

  • Be less tense in speaking situations

Exercises in this category

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