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On the opera stage [3]

Short description

Short melodrama with a lot of vocal pathos



Group size



15 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • The perception of the individual characteristics of a person's voice and speech.

  • The development of constructive feedback.

  • The linguistic imitation of discovered characteristics.

The children learn to empathize with a fictional character. They understand that a person's personality and individuality are also strongly influenced by the characteristic features of their language and voice.


  1. The class (group) is divided into small teams of 2-3 people.

  2. They should together come up with a short melodrama and plan the staging.

  3. The teams perform their piece in front of the whole group with exaggerated large gestures and a lot of vocal pathos.

  4. The group evaluates the teams and gives constructive feedback.

Background information for further reading

Learning processes - Critical factors

Internal / external focus

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