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Objective of the exercises

In the category "Imitation/Improvisation", the aim of the exercises is for students to

be able to identify the characteristics of a person's voice and speech

develop the ability to interpret messages from others through linguistic features (rhythm, intonation, volume).

Helpful if your students

  • not being able to listen

  • cannot observe

  • lack linguistic competence (articulation, prosody, facial expressions, gestures, body tension)

  • do not dare to speak (lack of self-confidence)

  • do not know themselves well enough to imitate others

As a result, your students can

  • better perceive other people, their voices (including their movements) and their idiosyncrasies.

  • reflect on characteristics in the speech and voice of others as personality traits

  • improve one's own language through a more conscious perception of the language of others

  • imitate and interpret the language of others

Exercises in this category

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