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MaMeMiMoMu [1]

Short description

Rhythmic circle game with imitation.



Group size



10 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • children's linguistic receptiveness,

  • the accuracy of syllable pronunciation,

  • auditory attention

Children recognise that linguistic competence depends on articulation, prosody and also body tension.


Preparation: For this rhythmic game of clapping in a circle, children sit in a circle facing the centre. The game coordinator utters "MaMeMiMoMu" and the children repeat it. To reinforce, everyone repeats this sequence of syllables 3 times.

  1. Now, the game coordinator starts with the syllable "Ma", Ma", looks at the child sitting to his right in the circle and claps at the same time. Saying the syllable, clapping and turning with the upper body towards the neighbour - all this happens simultaneously and with a lot of energy.

  2. The next child reacts to this as quickly as possible and (with a lot of body tension!) with the syllable "I", claps and looks again at the person on the right in the circle.

  3. The individual syllables "Ma", "Me", "Mi", "Mo", "Mu" are addressed to the next child, one after the other, and sent further in the circle to the right. If the game works in one direction, it goes back to the left.

  The children's task is to concentrate so that they respond with the correct syllable to the child next to them. Tension can only be maintained if the syllables follow each other quickly and without breaks.


A possible variant would be if children could choose to send their syllable to the right or to the left. As there can be a constant change of direction, which is signalled only by a turn of the body and a glance, this increases the ability to concentrate. To bring a competitive movement into the exercise, "MaMeMiMoMu" can also be played with "elimination".

Background information for further reading


Speech functions

Cognition and consciousness


Self-perception and reflection

Learning processes - Critical factors

Internal / external focus

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