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Rating poems [3]

Short description

Focused listening with regard to a judgement to be made



Group size



15-20 minutes



The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • focused attention

  • auditory perception

  • imagination of actions, situations, living beings; their characteristics and emotions

  • Perception of their role in the group (as evaluator).

The exercise is very suitable as an introductory exercise, for example to introduce poems to be worked with in class. In this way, the children's preferences can be taken into account and the selection of poems is made easier.


Groups of up to 12 children are ideal; this number enables intensive work with a lot of attention. The children stand, the teacher (reader) sits.

A selection of several poems is read to the children expressively in a loud and clear voice. The children are given the task of listening particularly intensively in order to make a rating of the poems afterwards.

The children focus their attention and are much more actively involved because the poems have to be "graded" afterwards.

The evaluation is done by giving points for each poem, on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. Each child in the group has a "vote". The children's individual scores are then used to produce an overall score for each poem performed.

Funny animal poems are particularly popular with children of elementary school age.

Background information for further reading


Speech functions

Cognition and consciousness


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