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Do not bite your tongue [2]

Short description

Resting exercise - pronunciation "sh”


LanguageSpeech and pronunciation

Group size



2 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • the articulation

  • the conscious perception and execution of mouth movements.

The children can control their articulation organs and movements more purposefully.


The children sit in their places. They should place both jaws, i.e. all teeth on top of each other, and in this position say "schschsch" and then pronounce words like sheep, look shame, sleep, push, stand, play....


Concentrate on your lips and your tongue. You will notice that 2 movements have to be made:

  • The lips turn forward

  • The tip of the tongue does not stay behind the teeth, but pulls further back into the mouth.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness

Controlled and automated processes

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