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Speech and pronunciation

Objective of the exercises

In the category "speaking/pronunciation", the aim of the exercises is for pupils to

Develop the ability to adapt the volume and intonation of their voice to the context.

Practise articulation movements to improve clarity of pronunciation of all sounds

Helpful if your students

  • breathe uneconomically

  • form sounds poorly and articulate uncleanly

  • have slurred, monotone speech

  • have a lack of or too strong use of voice (soft, unmelodious sentence stress or too harsh, barking impression)

  • have no awareness of the "power of the voice" as a support for one's own content/personality

As a result, your students can

  • articulate themselves well

  • use their vocal expression and vocal volume according to the situation

  • speak in a functionally correct way (correct intonation, good contours, correct and effective pauses...)

  • speak in such a way that people enjoy listening to them

Exercises in this category

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