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Mime Journey [2]

Short description

Pantomimic representation of a story



Group size



15 - 20 minutes



The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • auditory perception

  • the imagination of realistic situations

  • the representation of distinctive behaviour and movement patterns

The children learn to transform the impulses they receive from the narration into pantomime and thus train their imagination and their performance skills.


The children move around the room while the teacher tells a story they have made up. The children, guided by the narration, spontaneously act out this story. There are no limits to the teacher's creativity in inventing the story.

An example of such a story could be:

"We are travelling through the desert": It is incredibly hot, we are sweating, tired and desperate because we hardly have any water left. Then suddenly it starts to rain, we rejoice and dance, try to catch the raindrops with our mouths, until finally we are completely wet and our clothes stick to our bodies. When a wind comes up, we get very cold. The wind gets stronger and stronger. It gets so strong that we even have to protect ourselves from the wind. We have to hold on so that we don't fly away. We are afraid and cold, maybe we even start to cry or are angry. But then the sun breaks through the clouds again...".

The teacher tells in clear language about things that can be visualised well and thereby supports the children on their pantomime journey.

Depending on what you want, more value can be placed on the depiction of actions or feelings.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness

Processes of perception

Self-perception and reflection

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