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Partner description [2]

Short description

A person is described from memory


CognitionMemory / Retention

Group size



10 minutes



The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • visual perception

  • concentration

  • imagination

The children learn to look at other people closely and with concentration and to remember essential features. They can also express these characteristics linguistically.


Two children are allowed to look at each other for 20 seconds. Then they stand back to back as a pair and describe each other. They are not allowed to help each other by giving clues!

At the end, the children turn to each other and see if the description was complete and correct.


Groups of maximum 5 children are divided. The children walk around the room in a disorderly manner. While doing so, they watch the other children in the group intently and try to memorise a picture of their appearance.

The teacher then chooses two children in each group to stand back to back again in pairs and describe each other. The rest of the children in the group listen and watch and are the "jury".

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness

Processes of perception

Learning Fundamentals

Learning and memory

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