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Argue [3]

Short description

Calling each other names with different groups of words


LanguageSpeech and pronunciation

Group size



10 minutes



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • prosodic information

  • the "power of the voice”

The children learn that the expression in the voice has a stronger effect than the content of what is said.


The children stand in two concentric circles. The people in the outer circle turn inwards, those in the inner circle turn outwards. Two children stand opposite each other. The child from the outer circle begins. After one minute, the outer circle moves further and the child standing on the inside begins to scold.


Today you can really swear at each other.

However, you may only use groups of words such as numbers, colours or days of the week, names of months .....

You will see that the tone makes the music!


You can do the same exercise by singing to your partner instead of calling each other names.

Background information for further reading

Anatomy and Neuroscience

Linguistic structures

Cognition and consciousness

Controlled and automated processes

Learning Fundamentals

Rhythm and rhythmicity

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