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Short description

Reihen und Serien (z.B. ABC) von hinten nach vorne memorieren


CognitionMemory / Retention

Group size



10 minutes



The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • the children's linguistic responsiveness

  • the particular accuracy in the reproduction of information

  • strategies to develop memory skills

The children train strategies to be able to remember information that is taken in a certain order and to be able to reproduce it in reverse order.


This exercise can be done in different ways.

A) Recall memory content that is already stored automatically - in reverse order and increasing the level of difficulty....


  • Alphabet from Z-A

  • Alphabet from Z-A omitting the vowels

  • Alphabet from Z-A omitting every second (third...) letter.

b) Reproduction of work orders, oral or written instructions. All steps of a task or activity are reviewed, from the last to the previous step to the beginning.

c) Experiences or stories - told backwards. The teacher tells a story to the class. The children are asked to listen attentively and remember all the details.

Here, too, all the steps from the last to the previous to the beginning are replayed.


This exercise is ideal as a follow-up to the exercise Continuation Story (II). As a supplement to the exercise "Continuation story", the "Sentence stories" can be built back up again.

Background information for further reading


Speech functions

Learning Fundamentals

Learning and memory

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