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Back and forth [3]

Short description

Circle game, ball replaces spider web. Audition, articulation, mnemonic technique



Group size

SMALL GROUPS (large groups are divided)


Two differently coloured small juggling balls that do not bounce and are easy to catch.


10 Minutes (at the first time longer)



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • auditory perception and memory

  • verbal and motor response

  • spatial orientation

The complexity of the exercise has a very positive impact on children's mnemonic and general memory.


The group (about 10 people) sits in a circle. The group chooses a topic for which each child thinks of a term. For example, the theme "flowers".

The teacher has a ball and explains:

I throw the ball to X. As soon as I throw the ball I call it a tulip. That means every time I throw the ball to X, I say "tulip". X throws it to Y and calls it the term. So it goes back and forth through the circle until everyone has a turn. Finally, the ball comes back to me from Z - with Z calling out his term - for example rose - to me.

Each child always throws the ball to the same person and always says the same word.

The game is repeated several times and played progressively faster.

Now the teacher takes the ball of a different colour and starts the game in the opposite direction. He doesn't throw it to X, but to Z and says "rose". All the children should have memorised the next child's terms.

The degree of difficulty can be increased even more if you play with both balls in both directions at the same time.


Thematic differences:

  • The teacher opens a story with a single sentence. Each child develops the story further with his/her own sentence. The story is taken apart in reverse order.

  • Practicing languages

  • Practice mathematical formulas

  • Learn the capitals of the world

  • etc.

Background information for further reading

Cognition and consciousness


Learning processes - Critical factors

Learning requires a challenge (Challenge Point)

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