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What I can remember [1]

Short description

Perceive, remember and reproduce special features of a picture/object.


CognitionMemory / Retention

Group size



Pictures from books, newspapers, ... with as many details as possible. Paper and pen


10 minutes



The aim of this exercise is to improve

  • the children's linguistic responsiveness

  • special accuracy in visual perception

  • strategies to promote the ability to remember

When looking at a picture, the children learn not to be guided only by the overall impression, but to focus on details. While looking at the picture, they also need to know the vocabulary for the elements they are supposed to remember, because they are supposed to recite these afterwards.


  1. The teacher has prepared many different pictures for the children.

  2. Each child is given a picture and asked to memorise all the details they see in the picture for 60 seconds and to remember as many of them as possible.

  3. After 60 seconds, the picture is turned over.

  4. Each child now notes down which details they have memorised.

  5. At the end, the picture and the list can be compared.

The one who has remembered the most details is the winner.


In pairs

The exercise is played in pairs.

One child looks at a picture. After 60 seconds, the partner receives the picture and the "observer" counts what he or she has remembered. The partner can give one point for each correctly mentioned detail.

Whoever has more points wins.


As an exercise for the class, the pictures must also be available digitally.

A child receives a picture (on paper or on a tablet) and concentrates on it again for 60 seconds.

The teacher now shows the picture to the class on the beamer. The observer turns around so that he cannot see the picture and lists the elements he has remembered. The class assesses with points.

Background information for further reading

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