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Continue the story [2]

Short description

Receive an impulse and develop it further



Group size



5 Minuten



Goal of this exercise is improving

  • memory skills

  • children's language competence 

  • special accuracy in visual perception 

Children learn that it is easier to remember individual, free content when it is put in a certain order and even easier when this order is supported by a story. 


  1. The children sit in a circle or in their seats.

  2. A word is chosen by the teacher or a child as the "starting word". - This word can of course also be taken from a book or a newspaper.

  3. The word is "thrown" to the first child.

  4. He spontaneously adds another word that marks the beginning of a sentence and passes it on to his neighbour.

In this way, word after word is added to the sentence that has been started, which becomes longer and longer and more complex.

This should, of course, make sense. The more fancy and longer these continuation stories become in a sentence, the better!


The sentences that are formed are related to each other in terms of content, so that a real story is created.

This exercise is well suited as a basis for the exercise Upside down [1]

The children are not allowed to think twice when it is their turn. Spontaneity is particularly important for this training.

Background information for further reading


Speech functions

Cognition and consciousness


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