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Objective of the exercises

In the category "Reactivity", the aim of the exercises is for pupils schould

be able to predict their own reactions and the reactions of others in a relatively short period of time

be able to identify possible problems in a relatively short time and find several solutions to the problems identified

Helpful if your students

  • have poor body tension

  • have a lack of alertness

  • have a lack of patterns in how to react in different situations

  • have a lack of self-confidence

  • lack courage to stand up for reactions

  • avoid effort

  • rely on what the group does (or does not do)

As a result, your students can

  • be properly "awake" and basically show body tension (no "flour sacks").

  • be generally ready to react and not "asleep".

  • get more involved with their surroundings and people

  • optimise their emotionality

  • learn to anticipate how reactions from their side will affect other people

Exercises in this category

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