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Auditory perception

Objective of the exercises

In the category "Auditory Perception", the aim of the exercises is that pupils should

Train their ability to listen to and remember verbal instructions in class.

Improve their ability to perceive and interpret auditory information (e.g. difficult sounds and words).

Helpful if your students

  • have no or too short an attention span

  • have no attention to the source of information (speaker)

  • are motorically restless or fidgety

  • have a full head

  • are distracted (intrinsic and extrinsic) - no focus

  • disrupts the lesson or situation

  • show no or poor reaction to assignments

  • have no or poor memory

As a result, your students will be able to listen to

  • physically show that they are present (turning towards me, eye contact)

  • not be preoccupied with other things when I am speaking

  • listen with inner and outer calm

  • understand assignments well and remember several things

  • notice the positive effect of auditory attention themselves

  • use their reactions and actions more quickly and successfully

Exercises in this category

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